Learn to play the Cajòn -

an Afro-Peruvian Box Drum,

from the comfort of your own home!


Don't just learn to play the cajòn. 
Master it.
An incredibly versatile drum capable of a huge variety of hand and finger techniques, not to mention playing with your feet, producing compelling limb independence for various genres of music.
Prodigious is an understatement. 
Play the Samba on the cajon and work on your limb independence!
Another original hand technique developed by Frole Music.  Learn to play demi-semi-quavers at incredible speed using just your fingers on one hand!
An original finger technique proudly developed by kamal bènsra. Learn to play Frosses in Frolè Music's Cajon Series
Learn to play Rock in the beginner
level of Frolè Music's Cajon Series
Recognized around the world as a symbol of Brazil and the Brazilian carvival, Samba is a Brazilian dance and musical genre originating in Bahia and with its roots in Brazil and Africa. Learn to play this amazing groove on the cajòn, using both your hands and feet.​
Learn to play Cascara on the Cajòn. An arresting Afro-Cuban rhythmic pattern, Cascara is played in a wide range of tempos, depending on the style of music. Using all four of your limbs, learn to play the Cascara on the Cajòn together with a foot cabasa, foot block, and the heck-stick.

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