If i am able to complete a particular level faster than the stipulated period, is that ok?​
Yes definitely!  The durations given are standard durations which may not apply for everyone.  Some students complete it faster while others may take longer

If I take up the cajon course, will I be able to play it with pop songs?

Yes, in addition to teaching grooves, rudiments, and rhythmic patterns, we teach students music application and song structure. As a bonus, we also teach students how to solo!

What is your retreat drumming about?
Our very unique retreat drumming approaches team-bonding and cohesiveness through drumming! That's it!  You learn to drum together and bond with each other playing simple yet intricate rhythmic manipulations
Do I need to buy my own instrument?

It would be a great idea to have your own instrument, as you'd want to practise what you've learnt during the course and come prepared for the next session!

How big are your group lessons?
Group lessons usually consist of 2-5 people
I'd like to enrol my child for music lessons.  What is the recommended starting age?
7 is a great age to start!
Are the drums provided for your retreat drumming and what is the group size?
Yes, drums are provided.  We cater to small companies (about 30 people or lesser) and bigger companies (about 500 people and more)

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