Saturday Nights at The Connoisseur Divan

Saturday Nights at The Connoisseur Divan!

Performance at the Night Festival 2016

A musical night of original jazz music performed

by the Loki Quartet.

Enrique on guitar, Lee on double bass,

Eivind on piano, and Kamal on tablas

Performance at Montreux Jazz Cafe

12 Nov 2016


Come over for a night of world and jazz music at Montreux Jazz Cafe, located at Pan Pacific Orchard.  Performance starts at 9pm onwards.  
See you there! 

Cajòn Empoderamiento & Experiencia at Serangoon Secondary School!


​Looking for a fun music course for your students? 
Frolè Music has begun cajòn workshops for both students and teachers at Serangoon Secondary School!
A cajòn course specially developed to teach the wonderful, fun, and joyful students at Serangoon Secondary School the basics of cajòn-playing and gear them towards performances!
Wana use rhythm & percussion to relax and
Teachers and professionals at Serangoon Secondary School are indulging themselves in this wonderful box drum and are learning to use music and rhythm to wind down after a hard day of work and have a boon of a time drumming away!
Call us today to learn more about our fun and exciting workshops!

Cajon & Tabla provision at

Kallang Theatre 2014 with the Nurul Huda group!

Performing at the Kallang Theatre in May 2014, Kamal provided cajon and tabla accompaniment for the Nurul Huda group. Traditional Qawalis were sung, along with tamil and hindi classics.  It was a magical evening with the voice of the entire chorus echoing through the hall, coupled with the majestic tones of the tabla and the intricate rhythm manipulations on the cajon! 
Frolè Music is proud to present the
Cajòn Syllabus ​Beginner​ Series!  
A book that will walk you through the basics of
playing the cajòn.

The content, exercises and rudiments have been written to guide the learner to

- learn to read music notes,
- acquire the basic ​hand rudiments​ in cajòn-playing,
- comprehend and play the most commonly played and popular grooves in music,
- learn variations of each groove,
- write music notes at the Notes section towards the last few pages of the book,

- and most importantly, to be able to play the cajòn at a level reasonably good enough

to make music with others! 

our recEnt cajòn deMonstratioN at sEraNgooN gaRdeNs cOuntrY cluB!

It was a fun night filled with great vibes and rhythm at Serangoon Gardens Country Club!  
Frolè Music gave a cajòn demonstration and kicked off the evening with a Rock groove, followed by some solos and hand-wrist-finger demonstrations, and finally ending the night with an arresting Afro-Cuban rhythm - the Cascara-on-Tumbao pattern. 
Enrol now for lessons at Serangoon Gardens Country Club!

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