Master the art of playing the Tabla,


by Camila Cabello
with a little bit of tabla
variation in
a 6/8 rhythmic cycle
I'd like to call this composition 
Variations of
Dhite Gina Nati Gine
are played
in this video 
Ripcloth on the Tabla. A Punjab kayda which includes the phrases DhaTiraKitaTaka & DhinNaGiNa. 
GeTakKe GeTakKe Kayda (pronounced 'kuy-thaa') is a fast yet graceful kayda you would want to include in your arsenal of tabla-playing!
Kaherwa Theykaa - A
single-time denomination of the Kaherwa Dugen. Master variations of this rhythmic cycle coupled with subtle nuances and sundry shades of rhythm

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