it was pleasure to learn cajon from u and from the lesson i learned base, slap and snare which is found in the cajon, i enjoy 
every bit of a moment when u teach me and my friends i hope u can come back

-Bis Hal

Kamal's versatile teaching technique is proven when 
he conducts a class for the
age group ranging from
15 to 46 years old. He goes
through the basic and
fundamentals of
percussion music to set 
the foundation right from
the start. He is very patient
and ensures that every
lesson is fun and enjoyable.
Students have benefited from his excellent approach to lessons. He does not only conduct cajon lessons, but spreads the passion for music...something
that not many people can do.


-Sofian Rohani

Operations Manager

When I first signed

up for this lesson via

my school counsellors,

I had no idea what 

this was about, and I 

had no interest in 

music.  During the first lessons, I was amazed.  I had never seen a drum that looked like a box!  Mr Kamal then introduced himself as well as the drum that we were going to learn.  When Mr Kamal demo it, I was like... "WHAT?!" cause I am a handicap and I can only use one hand.  His teaching made me not give up.  After many lessons and practices, I start to love Cajon.  We also performed during Teachers' Day celebration which was held on 7 September 2013.  I enjoyed myself playing the Cajon.  It was a great experience for me.  =)  Mr Kamal is a person who has patience with his students.

Kamal's tailor-made

music syllabus is 

perfect for someone

like me who has no

music background

and working

professionals.  He

teaches at a pace

which is suitable for

the student and also

makes sure that the

student is strong

in his basics.

 Kamal constantly


different cajon-playing

techniques and

shares the knowledge

and teaches them

to his students.

 The music workshop

that Kamal conducts

with other musicians

once in three months

is something that I

look forward to!


- Shibu Titus

Computer Engineer

I like learning

the Cajon with 

Kamal, because

he never gets 

angry, and he

knows how to

motivate me.

He is always

very positive, 

patient and

firm. He is super

duper friendly. I like

learning the techniques

and rhythm variations,

and that he lets

me play my own

beats at the

end of the session.


- Duncan


Kamal is an amazing teacher! Not only does he know how to motivate a student, but also how to help a student overcome personal challenges.  he is able to do so in a very positive way, with the studfents having a sense of accomplishment at the end of each session.  He not only teaches how to play the instrument, but the love for it, and for the music!

- Monica 

Mr Kamal strongly believes in mastering the basic techniques before moving onto learning complex and advanced ones. He breaks down the complex techniques into simpler ones in order for us to understand and achieve them. He is a fun teacher! ~~~ Jamaalullah (14)

Kamal Bensra has been teaching my children to play the tabla and the cajon. Kamal has been a patient and inspiring teacher. His passion and knowledge in music is extremely profound and he is able to articulate that both in teaching and playing himself as a musician. My 3 children enjoy his lessons and always return home with renewed energy and interest in learning more from Kamal. He is very encouraging and definitely has a way with my children. He is warm and has a friendly disposition. We love his positive and creative attitude! 


Kamal is not only our children’s music teacher but a good family friend as well. We would recommend him strongly to anyone with an interest to learn music

-Abdul Rahman & Inshera

Thank you for teaching me the cajon Mr Kamal. I liked your music lessons because it was interesting and fun. Thank you for being kind as well!
Kamal is a great music teacher, who tailors his classes to suit his students.  For me, tabla is a hobby that must be juggled against a hectic work/family/travel life. Kamal is flexible, patient, encouraging, and keeps classes interesting.  I look forward to lessons every Saturday.

- Rohit 

Mr Kamal is a very fun teacher who is entertaining and has many different skills.  He is relaxed and yet a firm teacher - Amanullah

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